Fall Convention, Karleby/Kokkola, Finland

October 8th – 9th, 2022

Theme: The Spirit of the Lord brings freedom

Saturday, October 8th

12:00 pm   Seminar, ”Belonging to Jesus, in different parts of the world”, Johan Candelin

02:00 pm   Short sermon, Peter Silfverberg

02:30 pm   Sermon, Jorma Aspegren

03:30 pm   Sermon, Jorma Puhakka

05:15 pm   Sermon, Roger Pettersson

07:00 pm   Communion Service, Jukka Malinen

09:00 pm   Youth Service, Anton Wargh

Sunday, October 9th

12:00 pm   Church service, Per Svenfelt

01:45 pm   Song Worship Service for Children

02:30 pm   Sermon, Jorma Puhakka

03:30 pm   Sermon, Johan Candelin

04:30 pm   Sermon, Timo Kontio

06:00 pm   Worship Service, Kaj Fagerholm